Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year, New Life!

What a wonderful weekend! J had some business to do in Huntsville this weekend. Our kind friends Katie and Jake offered their home to us for the night. On Saturday, Jake and Katie took us to an awesome place called Flying Monkey Arts Center . It was sooooo cool. The place is basically a old warehouse converted into art studios, a thrift store, and a record shop. On Saturdays, artists come to the center (free of charge) and sell their art. We saw lots of handmade vegan soap, jewelry, prints, records, and two sculptures of vaginas. Yes, you read that right. I must say that was a little disturbing. Art? Maybe, but do I really want that in my house? After an eventful afternoon, we decided to get some food at Happy Tummy (gastronomic delights). The sign (see Above) had me cracking up. It made me think more of what the food was for rather than making the food look appealing. They had a ton of vegetarian friendly menu items. I highly suggest eating at Happy Tummy once in your life. I'll even take a trip to Huntsville with you! Thank you Jake and Katie for a fab weekend!

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  1. What a very interesting weekend! :) Speaking of what the food is rather than what it looks like, I think we should all adopt that motto.