Monday, February 8, 2010

Life as I didn't know it.

I am really enjoying my new lifestyle! I am thriving off of learning at Pizitz Middle School and in Supervision. I was nervous before I began. The worries of going to school for two years and then hating it when I was finished. I absolutely LOVE what I am doing. I am quickly adjusting to waking at at 6am. I thought this would be the hardest part of this semester. I am too excited when I wake up to even think about how tired I am.

Classes are going well and they continue to push me. This past week was a nightmare. I have learned I need to work harder in providing therapeutic confrontation. This is quite challenging for me. I jumped out of my normal self in class and was caught off guard by a classmate. This person was not ready to hear what I had to say and became very defensive. It took me a little while to realize that even though this person didn't like what I said, it was the truth and I was right by confronting him/her. I would not have been doing myself or the class justice if I had kept my mouth shut.

When Friday finally came around, I needed a night out. I had a fabulous dinner with Sarah at Moe's. Queso really is the best comfort food. Then I met Lael at the Cheesecake Factory for drink. My week was coming to a wonderful end. It is amazing how spending time with the people you love really energizes you!

Little did I know, my Saturday, next week, and the few months ahead would take a quick turn. I discovered some very disappointing information. I am not quite sure how I will cope with the news. My life has changed.

I quickly attempted to turn my negative energy into something a little more productive. I went to the gym to complete week 4. The pain I experienced from running was just what I needed. I ran faster than I had before, running from the disappointment. Once I could take no more, I drowned myself in a project. J received a grasshopper from a show in Florida. I thought it was really awesome. I took some time and devoted myself into creating a home for it.
Picture above.