Friday, January 8, 2010

I am amazed how life can change so much in two years. Not too long ago I disappointed in the situation I had placed myself in. The job I held was weighing me down, constantly demanding inappropriate needs and wants. After multiple conversations with J, I decided I had been procrastinating for too long. I left that job soon there after and my life literally turned around. I soon began my career. My first job using my degree! Not too long after, I started working on my Masters in School Counseling. Life changed right before my eyes. Little did I know just who I would discover. Not knowing what to expect from these new experiences, I was a little hesitant. I then discovered that I would not be alone. D, L, E, and many others were also making this journey with me. I cannot express the gratitude I have for these girls. I do not know how I lived in this city for eight years thinking that I would not find lifelong friendships. It is hard to move to an unfamiliar city and start a new life. In the past few years, I have found what I had been looking for since I moved to this city. You guys know who you are....thank you!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ON YOUR VERY FIRST (sorta) POST!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled for you! And I actually have no idea who you are talking about above, but I want my name to be in there, so add an extra 'D' :) I love you SO much and am so thankful to have you in my life. :) I am willing to do a picnic lunch/dinner with you just so we can hang out (and stay on our budgets) seriously, I MISSS YOU! I can't wait to see you Tuesday!!!!!! Yay! Blog!